Hector Road and Puddingstone Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation

Project Details

  • Description:

    Water Storage Tanks Rehabilitation and Painting

  • Contract Amount: $350,000
  • Project Amount: n/a
  • Owner: Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills
  • Architect: Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc.
  • Construction Manager: n/a
  • About:

    Pro-Spec completed the exterior rehabilitation of two ground storage tanks in Morris County New Jersey. Built in 1959, the Hector Road tank is 1,000,000 gallon ground storage tank, 40’ high and 66’ in diameter. The Puddingstone Tank is a 500,000 gallon water tank, 98’ high and 30’ in diameter, built in 1966. Both tanks were last painted in 1991.

    The exterior of both tanks required an SSPC SP-6 Commercial Blast Cleaning surface preparation which was done using two different types of abrasive blasting systems. All vertical and horizontal surfaces were prepared with closed-loop centrifugal blast cleaning equipment using a 36-inch wide blast pattern. The equipment utilized for the surface preparation of areas that required cutting in after Centrifugal Blast Cleaning were completed with a self contained slurry blast surface preparation unit.

    Lead Safe Practices were put in place due to the presence of lead in the existing paint. Environmental hazards for both our workers and the surrounding residential areas were substantially reduced using the self-contained centrifugal blast system. With this unit, the containment, collection, and air cleaning of the substrate is completed in one pass. The Environmental controls for the slurry blast surface preparation included the collection and containment of water run-off utilizing tarps with primitive temporary dams for the collection and storage of run-off.  At the completion of the work, the collected water was tested for lead and filtered on site, if required, with lead filtration equipment.  

    Pro-spec applied a three-coat, Acrylic Polyurethane coatings system using brush and roller application.