Wrightsville Water Tank

Project Details

  • Description:

    Hellan Street Water Tank Painting

  • Contract Amount: $360,000 – Prime Contractor
  • Project Amount: n/a
  • Owner: Wrightsville Borough Municipal Authority
  • Architect: C S Davidson, Inc. – York, PA
  • Construction Manager: n/a
  • About:

    The Wrightsville water storage tank is a 650,000 gallon water stand pipe located in a mixed business – residential neighborhood. The tank is 96’ high and 34 feet in diameter. The tank was originally built by Fisher Tank Company. The work performed at the site involves the abrasive blast preparation, recoating of the tank interior.

    Due to various immovable utility cables on the exterior of the tank, Pro-Spec worked together with the engineer and determined scaffolding and containing the entire exterior would be the best solution. Bidding documents indicated that exterior coatings may contain lead based paint, so lead-safe work practices were in place. On the exterior of the tank, wet surface preparation and over-coating of existing painted substrates was performed. 

    This project was unique in the surface preparation of the interior utilized two types of abrasive blasting systems. All vertical and horizontal surfaces were prepared with closed-loop centrifugal blast cleaning equipment using a 36-inch wide blast pattern. This equipment performed SSPC SP-10 surface preparation, at a 2 mil blast profile utilizing an 80% steel shot 20% grit blend.  The containment, collection, and, air cleaning of the substrate were completed in one pass. Areas that required cutting in such as the roof line, base, and ladders were done so with portable abrasive blast cleaning equipment. Painting operations of the primer progressed simultaneously with the blast surface preparation.