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Pro-Spec Lead Abatement Services, a division of Pro-Spec Corporation, is a New Jersey Certified Lead Abatement Contractor for Residential, Public Buildings, Commercial Buildings and Steel Structures.  

Certification #00159 A.

 QP1-QP2-logo SSPC QP2 Certified Contractor

Field Removal of Hazardous Coatings


epa EPA Certified RRP Contractor, NAT-82672-1

EPA's Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule


New Jersey Certified Lead Abatement Contractor #00159A
Pennsylvania Certified Lead Contractor #C0047
Delaware Certified Lead Abatement Contractor CF-12-1034R


Lead Abatement for Homes, and Child Learning Centers
Discovery of lead based paint in your home is only the beginning of the process eliminate lead based paint hazards. In addition, there are many federal, state, and, local regulations required in order to maintain a safe environment for everyone involved during the work. Since 1997 Pro-Spec has been a NJ Certified Lead Abatement Contractor.  We have served home owners in with knowledge, safety, confidence.  


Historical Lead Abatement, Lead Hazard Control, Lead Safe Work Practices
The Delaware Valley is rich with historically significant buildings. Pro-Spec specializes in historical restoration services beyond the typical lead abatement contractor. Our company has restored multiple historic landmarks including two of our most recent completions the Delaware Legislative Hall Restoration and Lehigh County Old Courthouse Restoration, both winners of the PDCA Picture It Painted Professionally Award.


Industrial Lead Abatement
Pro-Spec has performed lead abatement on bridges, municipal water tanks, and other complex steel structures. We are committed to assuring quality in our services and firmly complying with federal, state, and local safety standards. In 2013, Pro-Spec became an SSPC QP2 Certified Contractor, a certification that raised the bar on our company standards as well.


Lead Based Abatement Renovation & Abatement, NJ Service Contract T-2771
Pro-Spec Lead Abatement Services is the NJ State Wide Prime Contractor.  An easy solution for lead hazard work exists for all NJ Government Agencies and cooperative purchasing partners including quasi-state agencies, counties, municipalities, schools, higher learning institutions, fire departments and all other purchasers through NJ Treasury Division of Purchase and Property.


Pro-Spec Employees Trained - Certified
Our employees are trained, certificated, and up to date with regulatory and industry lead paint standards. Certifications held by Pro-Spec employees include:


EPA Renovator and Dust Sampling Technician
NJ Lead Abatement Supervisor/Worker – Housing and Public Buildings
NJ Lead Abatement Supervisor/Worker – Commercial Buildings and Superstructures
EPA, HUD, & NJDCA Guidelines for Lead Safe Work Practices
SSPC C-5 Supervisor/Competent Person Training for Deleading of Industrial Structures
OSHA 29 CFR 1926.62 “Lead Exposure in Construction”