Historic Salem County Restoration

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    Exterior Repainting of the Historical Residence

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    Pro-Spec Painting completed the repairs, chemical stripping and painting of an residence of historical significance with professionalism and quality craftsmanship. Prior to beginning work, an adhesion test was preformed in order to provide the necessary preparation. Due to the age of the home, Pro-Spec took precautionary measures by testing the existing paint for lead in order to provided a Lead Safe work environment for our craft workers and the home owner/

    The siding was had many layers of paint that were chemically stripping to remove existing paint film layers from wood siding, shutters, cornice, posts, rails, and lattice. Areas of mildew and organic growth were treated to disinfect and insure complete removal. Defective and poorly adhering glazing compound was removed and replaced with new glazing at all windows. Pro-Spec took no shortcuts and gave attention to every detail down to replacing defective sealants to setting siding nails with glazing compound to provide the best possible surface to receive the new coat of paint.  

    The highest quality paint and coating materials available were used in order to obtain the longest service life at the lowest cost for the homeowners. All windows, doors, and, hardware were masked and protected to ensure a sharp clean line of finish. The final painted surfaces were compliant with the PDCA standard definition of a “Properly Painted Surface,” uniform in appearance, color and sheen and free of drips, spatters, spills or overspray. This includes being free of foreign material, lumps, skins, runs, sags, holidays, misses, strike-through, or insufficient coverage.


    “Faith and I have been busy preparing for our annual family gathering. While preparing the property for the 50 plus guests I had a great opportunity to check out the workmanship of Pro-Spec. I can tell you I have not seen this house look so terrific. The time and effort put in by your team of painters and helpers has proven to be a tremendous success. I know that it was a difficult project for your crew but the end result is something to be extremely proud of. We thank you for your persistence and expertise in making our house a “show case.”
    –Joel Vittori