Legislative Hall Historical Restoration

Project Details

  • Description:

    Chemical Stripping, Wood Repair, Painting, and Restoration of Legislative Hall

  • Contract Amount: $360,000 – Prime Contractor
  • Project Amount: $
  • Owner: State of Delaware, Office of Management and Budget – Dover, DE
  • Architect: Becker Morgan Group – Dover, DE
  • Construction Manager: n/a
  • About:

    Pro-Spec Painting was selected to perform the restoration on the exterior of the building, which involved repairing the wood trim, windows, and installing new glaze and joint sealants at all of the windows.

    Work began with the chemical removal of the lead paint. The job called for a lead abatement contractor and trained lead abatement supervisors and workers to safely remove the hazardous material from the historic building. Collection of the chemical waste and lead scrapings was required as well as filtration of all wash water used to clean and remove the stripper. All waste was properly collected, tested, filtered and disposed of.

    Scaffold was erected to perform the work on the clock tower. Engineered drawings, a crane and special safety precautions were necessary to ensure a safe work environment for the employees and the occupants of the building.

    Areas of wood rot at the clock tower were removed by Pro-Spec craftsmen. The wood was milled and fabricated to exact standards to maintain the historical integrity of the structure, and then the entire structure was treated with a full coat of primer and two coats of finish.

    Winner of the 2013 KILZ Picture it Painted Professionally (PIPP) Award