• Historic Salem County Restoration

  • Pittsgrove Residence

  • Cherry Hill Residence

  • Farmhouse & Barn Exterior

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 pdca PDCA Accredited Contractor


epa EPA Certified RRP Contractor, NAT-82672-1


Accredited – Certified – Qualified

Consider Pro-Spec Residential Painting Services for your next painting project.  What you can expect from Pro-Spec:


  • A complete evaluation of your needs by experienced painting professional
  • Professional advice, guidance, and explanation of proper preparation and application procedures
  • Written Estimates
  • Written Contract based on PDCA Professional Industry Standards
  • A commitment to the PDCA Code of Professional & Business Ethics
  • No subcontracting.  Have confidence in trusted employees.

Application Specialties


  • Interior Painting Walls, Ceilings, Trim, Casework, & Cabinet Refinishing
  • Wood Stripping, Staining, Refinishing
  • Exterior Painting, Staining, Waterproofing
  • Decorative and Specialty Effects Finishes
  • Chemical Stripping, Lead Paint Removal and Restoration
  • Lead Hazard Control Cleaning & Painting: Lead Trained Certified Workers
  • Decorative and Specialty Effects Finishes


Painting company in Vineland, NJ. Also serving

counties and towns from Moorestown to Cape May.