Farmhouse & Barn Exterior

Project Details

  • Description:

    Exterior Repainting of farmhouse and barn

  • About:

    Horse barn - scraped and repaint exterior. Repaint exterior of house

    Applicable Surface Preparation Standards

    Surface Preparation Standards applicable and included during the painting process:

    • PDCA P-14-06 Levels of Surface Preparation for Repainting and Maintenance Projects Receiving Architectural Coatings
    • SSPC SP-1
    • SSPC SP-2

    Preparation of Exterior Surfaces included:

    All surfaces were cleaned and prepared as follows:

    • Spray solution of Sodium Hypochlorite to areas of mildew and organic growth to disinfect and insure complete removal of organic growth and mildew as required
    • Clean surfaces were painted of film and chalk deposits, then rinsed utilizing Powerwash Equipment taking measures of care to prevent water and pressure damage to substrates
    • Performed final removal of all loose paint and debris by Hand – Tool Preparation Methods. Utilized draw scrapers to shave surface of sharp edges at cracked and blistered paint substrates
    • Removed defective and poorly adhering Caulk-Sealants and replaced with 20 Year Acrylic Elastomeric Caulk

    Masking and Protection

    • We removed machined surfaces, hardware, accessories, and cover-plates and applied surface protection
    • We protected adjacent surfaces against spatter, stains, and soiling such as base board, window sills, registers, and glass by applying masking materials.
    • Masking was applied so that a sharp clean line of finish was retained upon the final removal and cleanup.