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Consider a career in the Paint and Coatings Industry!

If you have the desire to learn and grow in your career, consider two important facts in your search to land the job that will lead to a great career.

  1. Consider a small company with a long term vision.  Look for a company that has demonstrated success and has a growth plan that you can be a part of.
  2. Consider Industries that are less glamorous by getting over the hype of the so called darling companies.  Consider  Industrial & Commercial Construction and Maintenance.  These industries have many entry level opportunities with good pay.  You will learn on the job.  On the job training is by far the the best training and experience, plus you’ll be getting paid while you learn.  Always seek out the skills training courses, and certifications offered by your employer.  You will quickly become an expert while advancing your career as a high value professional.

Last and perhaps the most important, be positive and develop a great work ethic and you are guaranteed to succeed.

We have several career opportunities in Cost Estimation, Marketing & Business Development, and Field Operations Managers.  What you lack in experience can be made up by adaptability, work ethic and resourcefulness.

Come learn and grow your career as future as a Pro-Spec Leader.

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