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Why Pro-Spec for your Pressure Washing?

Pro-Spec Painting Corporation provides clients with two distinct cleaning methods when preparing surfaces for painting.

One of our approaches involves the use of commercial-grade pressure washers, capable of spraying and prepping surfaces at pressures of up to 5000 PSI. This method is highly effective for removing tough stains and debris, ensuring a clean and smooth surface for the paint application.

Alternatively, we offer a chemical cleaning process, which is specifically designed for more delicate surfaces. By utilizing a combination of gentle cleaning solutions and low-pressure spraying, we can effectively clean sensitive surfaces without the risk of causing any damage. This approach allows us to maintain the integrity and quality of the surface while still achieving optimal cleanliness.

At Pro-Spec Painting Corporation, we understand the importance of thorough surface preparation in achieving long-lasting and professional results. That is why we offer these two versatile cleaning processes, ensuring that each project receives the appropriate method tailored to its specific needs. Our team of skilled professionals is experienced in determining the most suitable approach for every surface, guaranteeing exceptional results and customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s a high-pressure clean or a gentle chemical treatment, you can trust Pro-Spec Painting Corporation to deliver comprehensive and high-quality cleaning services as part of our commitment to excellence in industrial and commercial painting.

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