Lead Paint Abatement & Lead Safe Painting

Lead paint can be very dangerous, especially when it has been disturbed. It takes a great deal of care to handle this process safely.

Older structures often have hidden lead paint hazards beneath the surface that, when disturbed, can lead to serious problems.

Facility managers and property owners can be at risk for potential legal actions and fines associated with exposure to this toxic substance. Any painting contractor who is working on area where there may be lead paint must be certified and trained in lead safe painting practices.

Standard painting contractors aren’t qualified for these projects.

Not only may they not handle this task properly, they may not know the proper precautions to take when working with lead paint.

This could lead them getting exposed to the toxic substance or leaving it so that you can be exposed.

You need the peace of mind that you are hiring a team that can do the job safely and correctly. Your health, and the health of anyone who enters the property, depends on it.


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