Commercial & Industrial Painting Services in Burlington County, South New Jersey

Commercial Painting in Burlington County, South New Jersey

At Pro-Spec Painting Corporation, we employ staff with vast experience. Professional commercial painters, who have mastered all commercial painting techniques, will work on your project. Our employees have the best portfolios and have painted restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores, condominium complexes, office buildings, churches, warehouses and much more. Whether your project is straightforward or unique and trendy, our expert painters will cover any and all requirements.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality outcomes no matter what the project, and we work fast and efficiently. To us it does not matter where you might be located in Burlington County, South Jersey or whether the project could be regarded as “too big” or “too small”, we can do it. All we require from our clients is the specifications for your project and we will send a top-class commercial painting team to your location.

Convention Center INT Painting

Industrial Painting in Burlington County, New Jersey

When it comes to industrial painting, Pro-Spec Painting Corporation guarantees the highest quality industrial painting service in Burlington County, South New Jersey. Industrial painting requires specific skills and that is exactly what our teams have. Not only have we acquired and perfected the specialist techniques needed for industrial painting projects, we also have extensive experience in understanding the needs and vision of clients and making them a reality.

At Pro-Spec Painting Corporation, we understand the necessity of protecting buildings against water intrusion. This is why our teams include individuals with vast experience in doing this. We are all too familiar with the elements that erode and cause decay to buildings and structures and know exactly what to do to protect your building as well as beautify it. Industrial painting requires specific attention to protective coatings and we have a dedicated team member who will ensure that protective coatings are applied to the highest standard, ensuring protection against the unpredictable weather that Burlington County often endures. 

From a simple re-coating of a building to erecting complex scaffolding in order to reach every nook and cranny, we will partner with you to bring your project to life. We have painted factories, apartment complexes, and some of the biggest buildings in Burlington County with great success. We also only use low odor green paint to save our clients any discomfort due to paint fumes.

Lead Abatement in Burlington County, New Jersey

We offer the best lead abatement services in Burlington County, South New Jersey at Pro-Spec Painting Corporation. We have years of experience in identifying, handling, and removing any lead containing materials from all manner of structures and surfaces. Our teams include experts that work side by side with consultants and hygienists to ensure that each project is completed to meet all legal requirements.

We have focused and highly trained employees that will remove, renovate, and repair any surface or structure that contain lead materials. Pro-Spec Painting Corporation have completed hundreds of lead abatement projects for a variety of clients, and our primary objective is to hand over a completely safe and fully finished painting project that meets our client’s expectations.

Lehigh Old Courthouse Repaint (09)

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