Commercial & Industrial Painting Services in Camden County, South New Jersey

Commercial Painting in Camden County, South New Jersey

Pro-Spec Painting Corporation only employs highly experienced, professional, commercial painters who are masters of all commercial painting techniques. Our employees have unrivaled experience having painted a wide range of different spaces including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores, condominium complexes, office buildings, churches, warehouses, and many more. We can take on any commercial project that you require painting services for no matter how big or small and, we guarantee our work.

We will manage any commercial painting project and, with remarkable workmanship and excellent service, the Pro-Spec Painting Corporation team will transform your space into an eye-stopper in no time. No matter where you might be located in Camden County, South Jersey, you can trust Pro-Spec Painting Corporation to get the job done to your specifications. All you have to do is to inform our staff about your specific commercial painting needs and our team of experts will be on their way to paint at the desired location.

Convention Center INT Painting

Industrial Painting in Camden County, New Jersey

Where industrial painting is concerned, Pro-Spec Painting Corporation is the company to call. Our painting expertise, coupled with our high regard for all our clients’ needs, be it tall orders or paired down ideas, make us the painting company in Camden County, South Jersey best suited to industrial painting projects. We commit to making your building look just as you envisioned it.

One area that we concentrate on delivering quality workmanship when it comes to industrial painting is in protecting every building we paint from any possible water intrusion caused by weathering or decay. Industrial painting requires protective coatings and we have extensive experience in applying protective coatings onto buildings. This ensures protection against the unpredictable weather often experienced in the county of Camden. 

If you need your store repainted or a building that requires scaffolding, we can deliver an industrial paint job that will exceed your expectations. Factories, apartment complexes, and some of the biggest buildings in Camden County, have had a run under our brushes and rollers. We only use low odor green paint so you won’t have to be bothered about any paint piercing fumes lingering during or after the project is done.

Lead Abatement in Camden County, New Jersey

For the best lead abatement services in Camden County, South Jersey, Pro-Spec Painting Corporation should be the painting company you call. Our extensive experience in identifying, handling, and removing of any lead containing materials from all types of structures and surfaces is another service we offer at Pro-Spec Painting Corporation. We have experts in every team we deploy, and we work closely with consultants and hygienists to verify each project is abiding law, during and on completion of a project.

When you hire our trained employees, you hire a team certified in removing, renovating, and repairing any jobs that entail dealing with lead containing materials. With years of experience and having completed hundreds of lead abatement projects for clients in multiple industries, our goal is to ensure a safe environment in our clients’ buildings.

Lehigh Old Courthouse Repaint (09)

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