Commercial & Industrial Painting Services in Gloucester County, South New Jersey

Commercial Painting in Gloucester County, South Jersey

Pro-Spec Painting Corporation is the commercial painting services company in Gloucester County that won’t let you down. Our highly trained team of commercial painters have mastered all types of commercial painting techniques you could possibly need to create just the effect you are looking for. They have also painted just about every type of building imaginable. Our portfolio includes multi-story office blocks, hospitals, restaurants, retail outlets, churches, hotels, schools, shopping malls, apartments, and more.

No project is too challenging for our team to handle. Our customers know that they can rely on us to deliver a top-quality paint job on time. No matter whether you need a small store, or a huge warehouse painted, Pro-Spec Painting Corporation will not disappoint you. We are ready and able to take care of your commercial painting needs.

You can rest assured that even if you have very particular or unique commercial painting requirements, we will take care of them. Our expert painting team have painted a range of commercial establishments across Gloucester County, South Jersey and, as such, we understand what works best for buildings and structures in the area. We don’t need to experiment or think too hard about what is needed to transform your commercial space due to our extensive experience.

Convention Center INT Painting

Industrial Painting in Gloucester County, New Jersey

Industrial painting is an art. It is not as straightforward as it may appear and requires painters who have mastered the techniques particular to industrial painting. This knowledge and experience is not easily found in your average painting contractor but at Pro-Spec Painting Corporation it is guaranteed. We really are industrial painting experts, and our painters will not only make your business premises look good, they’ll do such a good job that it will even impact on how your employees feel about coming to work.

At Pro-Spec Painting Corporation, we offer industrial painting services for all types of industrial projects including warehouses and factories. We don’t only ensure that your building looks good, as professional industrial painters, we also ensure it is protected from weather and decay.

We are well-known throughout Gloucester County, South Jersey as experts in industrial painting as well as for our outstanding customer service. Our team of industrial painting experts work hard to ensure that our client’s establishment looks the absolute best it can. Our team is completely capable of executing any industrial painting technique that may be required to deliver the results you desire. We pride ourselves in being able to meet our customers expectations.

Lead Abatement in Gloucester County, New Jersey

Pro-Spec Painting Corporation also offers a complete lead abatement service which includes lead inspections, lead testing, and lead clearance. As the leading lead abatement experts in Gloucester County, South NJ we are fully equipped to get your lead abatement job done.

You will not have to worry about any lead hazard as we are able to correct all lead violations. This means that you can rest assured that you will never face any legal complications and that your employees are in top health by allowing us to remove any traces of lead and asbestos.

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